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  .....sharing Chamorro culture through food.  This book includes the author's collection of recipes:  Chamorro BBQ, Other Island Favorites, Guam Desserts, Mix of America and a Treasure Chest of Sweets.  A Taste of Guam has the best recipe for guyuria or rolled then fried cookies; roskette or cornstarch cookies; and latiya or custard-over-cake.  Paula spent countless hours measuring the ingredients and testing the recipes.  This is one island girl sharing ALL HER RECIPE secrets.  This Guam cookbook is a must have for those in need of great Chamorro recipes that actually work -- and for college students who have to cook for themselves. Paula included a few recipes to help young men and women facing the world on their own who might need simple recipes to get them going.

You'll also find an islander's list of places to eat on Guam, a list of the village fiestas, and a short timeline of Guam's history. Published 2006; republished 2009 and 2012.

A Taste of Guam is now available as a downloadable Kindle ebook on, published in February 2014. There are a few key differences between the paperback and ebook versions. The Kindle book contains colored photos for most recipes (photos that are currently on this website) while there are no pictures within the printed book. The list of ingredients and directions are much more specific in the ebook. Finally, because it is a downloadable book, the Kindle version contains links to Paula's food videos on YouTube and to relevant pages on this website.

Some of your comments:

"hi paula. i've lived in ny for 23 years and my older girls are always asking me for recipes for chamorro food. the problem is i never really measure anything so therefore nothing is written down. i was happy to find your book online. i bought 2 of them for both girls and gave it to them at christmas. they absolutely loved it! just wanted to thank you for doing the book and hope you have lots of sales! i think a lot of families from the island who don't go back so often and crave the food will be happy to know they have a place to get the recipes! thanks again and all the best."

"I just received your cook book from Amazon.  I am thrilled to find so many great Chamorro recipes.  Let me tell you why.  My oldest son is in the US Air Force and he and his family were stationed for two years at Andersen AFB in Guam.  My husband and I were fortunate enough to visit them for two weeks in June, 2005.  We are all from Florida originally so we were familiar with a tropical environment, but Guam is so full of beauty and history."

"Thank you for writing this book!  I got it for my dad, who was born on Guam .  My grandmother has not written any of them down for us; she lives in San Diego and we live in Tucson , so I don’t get to spend the time with her in the kitchen that I’d like to!"

"I have your book A Taste of Guam. It's great and the videos are very helpful!"
 "Love your book Paula! and not just because we went to middle school together in Guam ;)...your recipes are easy and remind me of all the good times and FOOD I enjoyed there! Thank you!"


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Photo courtesy K.D. and D.Q. - chicken, pancit, titiyas, and red rice recipes in A Taste of Guam. Empanada recipe in Remember Guam.
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**NOTE: The PAPERBACK version of A Taste of Guam was published without pictures contained on the inside of the cookbook. Most photos below were taken after publication.**


  Red Rice

 BBQ Meat


Potato Salad

  Crab and Broccoli Salad

  Chicken Kelaguen

  Imitation Crab Kelaguen


  Gollai Appan Aga







  Corn Soup

  Corn Beef with Cabbage

Deviled Egg Sandwiches


  Fried Rice

  Shrimp in Coconut Milk or Shrimp Kado


  Spam Jam



chamorro ahu  Ahu

filipino banana lumpia guam image  Banana Lumpia

chamorro buchi buchi recipe image  Buchi Buchi

guam cassava cake recipe image  Cassava Cake

chamorro champulado recipe image  Champulado

  Coconut Cream Pie

  Custard Pie



Leche Flan

  Nan Chong's Cookies

  Pumpkin Pastit


  Velvet Cake






bagogi guam image  Bagogi

Beef Stew

Cheesy Burger 

coffee chocolate beer chili image  Chilli

  Corn Bread




Scott's Spaghetti


  Turkey Bean Soup



  Banana Nut Bread

  Cake Frosting and Cake Decorating Icing

chocolate covered biscotti  Chocolate Biscotti

chocolate chip cookie molasses image  Chocolate Chip Cookies

Energy Bars

  Pound Cake

Pound Cake II


  Sugar Cookies

  Sweet Potato Casserole


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