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Born and raised on Guam, Paula Quinene continues to take pride in her Chamorro heritage.  The Chamorros are the native people of Guam and the Northern Mariana Islands.  Paula, like many of her fellow islanders, left home to pursue a higher education.  

Living on Guam, Paula never had to prepare anything more complex than fried rice. Her parents cooked plenty and there were so many parties to attend. As a college student at the University of Oregon in the mid 1990's, Paula struggled to make local dishes following Guam recipes out of an old Chamorro cookbook. Since and ever since, she has learned from her elders, recording their invaluable tips and tricks. Paula modified ill-written Chamorro recipes so the dishes turned out exactly the way they were supposed to look, taste and feel. By 2005, Paula considered putting together a cookbook to pass on to her children so they could enjoy and carry on the Chamorro traditions. 


Paula was so inspired by her trip home in February 2006.  With a desire to preserve and share her culture, Paula wrote A Taste of Guam    in the Winter of 2006.  It was published by Infinity Publishing later that same year and republished in 2009 and 2012.  All the recipes include a short narrative:  something from a friend, a tip from grandma or a slice of history. This book is available as a paperback  book and as a Kindle downloadable ebook. 


Paula's second book is Remember Guam Remember Guam A collection of memories and recipes to warm your heart and lighten your spirit. This is a beautiful compilation of precious stories from folks who at one time or another, were on Guam, spanning across the oceans and across the generations.  This book also has 20 Guam recipes NOT found in A Taste of Guam. Remember Guam is available as a paperback and via Amazon's Kindle Store.


Macarons Math, Science, and Art,  is Paula's newest book. This book is your ultimate resource in successfully making beautiful and full French macaron cookies. The book is NOW AVAILABLE as a paperback and as a Kindle downloadable ebook. For details about the book, and a sneak peek, visit Macarons Math, Science, and Art right here!


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Paula recently changed the title of her fourth book. It was originally "Chamoritta Passions." However, Paula has found a single word that describes the story beautifully: CONQUERED. She has been working on this historical romance novel, based on Guam, since 2006.  The book encompasses life on the island just before, during, and after World War II. Additionally, the novel includes characters from the Army, Marines, Navy, and Coast Guard, reflecting the key role the US Military had in losing, and liberating, Guam. It will be out in a few years.    


Paula’s teenage passion for food and fitness has culminated in a virtual world of “having her cake and eating it too.” With over 20 years cumulative experience as an American Red Cross CPR / First Aid instructor and exercise trainer, Paula uses the world-wide-web to promote the benefits of exercise as the springboard for a rich and productive life, even one that includes indulgent desserts and cultural foods. Hailing with an exercise science degree from the University of Oregon--GO DUCKS--and certified by the American College of Sports Medicine, Paula is a staunch promoter of lasting change. She assures clients they can relieve their discomforts more quickly with exercise and the help of a trainer rather than on their own. Paula writes monthly articles on health, fitness and food for Demand Media. Articles appear on Livestrong, AZ Central and The Nest Woman. 

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