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Chamorro Poto Recipe
...tuba is a definite must to make the best Guam poto.



It is very difficult to make the traditional Chamorro poto without tuba. Tuba is the sap tapped from coconut trees and fermented to produce an alcoholic beverage. Tuba is served as a sweet version or sour version. You may use coconut or palm vinegar to mimic the sour notes in traditional poto.

There are three different poto recipes in the Remember Guam book. The first recipe uses hand-ground rice from short-grain rice, coconut milk, coconut vinegar and baking powder; the second uses store-bought white rice flour, coconut milk, vinegar and baking powder. The picture above is from the third recipe in the book, using store-bought rice flour, Bisquick, regular flour and yeast. All versions are delish, but the third recipe is easy and more on-point than the second recipe.

"Thanks for sharing your poto recipe. I made it for a get together and it was a big, big hit."



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