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Big Green Egg
...this ceramic smoker will change your life!



Not a Guam thing per se, but a life-changer for sure...so it makes the cut! The Big Green Egg is one brand of ceramic smokers. But come on, compared to other brands, how cool is the name -- and it suits the product quite nicely. In addition to producing the best-tasting, moistest chicken, turkey, ribs, and pork shoulders, the Big Green Egg is an awesome pizza oven. Brisket can be a bit of a challenge to keep moist, but with practice, you'll get it. However, even your trial attempts with a briskett will be delish.

And Chamorro corn soup, try it with smoked chicken -- corn soup will never be the same!

The Big Green Egg does run deep into your bank account compared to other smokers -- you've got to buy the egg and  the accessories you need to put inside the egg to make it work. Of course, then there are the accessories that make smoking and cooking pizza a real pleasure -- Wi/Fi temperature controller with the fan, the custom built table, the table cover, the gloves, the charcoal, the wood, the pizza stone, and all the other doodads. Once you are ready to put down at least $2,500, then you are ready for the ultimate smoking experience. But it will absolutely change your life -- you'll never buy rotisserie chicken again -- you can fit up to 5 small chickens or 3 regular sized birds in a large egg -- you will not want to go to another bbq restaurant, you'll frown at the thought of pizza from pizza joints, you'll save money on all kinds of meat/poultry, and your neighbors will love you.

It takes a while to finalize a recipe -- testing, rewriting, more testing and rewriting, taking pics and videos, and finally getting it all on this site. As soon as the recipes are ready, I'll post them below.

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homemade ketchup bbq sauce  Sweet Ketchup BBQ Sauce for Smoked Meats

dry rub for smoking  Dry Rub for Smoked Meats

sweet carolina mustard sauce image   South Carolina Sweet Mustard Sauce



smoked whole chicken image  Smoked Chicken

  Smoked Chicken Corn Soup

Smoked Baby Back Ribs

smoked pork shoulder butt image  Smoked Pork Shoulder Butt

Smoked Turkey



smoked brisket pizza  Big Green Egg Pizza Dough



fresh green bean casserole image  Green Bean Casserole


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