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Best French Macaron Recipe Cookbook
...foolproof macaron recipe for no hollow French macaroons.

How to Make the best French Macarons Recipe Book

Macarons Math, Science, and Art

This macaron recipe book provides you with an unusual, though scientifically sound combination of ingredients and techniques for how to make hollow free French macarons or French macaroons, macarons with ruffled feet and macarons with smooth tops.

Macarons Math, Science, and Art pulls out all the stops in developing a stable and low-moisture macaron batter and macaron mixing technique by incorporating uncommon practices such as the use of tapioca starch, whipping the meringue for 16 minutes, a baking stone, nested baking pans, a cracked-open oven door, and a small fan.

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Macarons Math, Science, and Art is a fun fusion of cookie-making magic and academics. If you are tired of feet-less, cracked, and hollow French macarons, Macarons Math, Science, and Art is the book you must have.

from a fan:  "Hey Paula, just wanted to give you an update. I watched your video and used your tips to make a perfect batch. I've searched youtube up and down looking for a decent tutorial and never found yours unfortunately, but I must say its the best by far!!! It's amazing how a few tweaks can change everything."

via JV on YouTube:  "I use Tapioca starch and i make a bit small size of macaroon.I adjust my over and my heat.My macaroon works perfect. Really Tapioca starch helps alot.Thanks alot for that tips."
via NN on YouTube:  "Paula, I tried your recipe with tapioca flour. Mine came out perfectly with feet and no hallow shells." 

Paula's ultimate French macaron recipe is posted right here on her website for free, in the tested-tried-and-true PaulaQ style. The book takes a closer look at the not-so-scientific science details and shares additional macaron-making info.





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Macarons Math, Science, and Art, is a how-to book that tells you everything you need to know to make perfect foolproof French macarons with no hollows, macarons with ruffled feet and macarons with smooth tops.

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