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Chamorro Ahu
...a dessert soup made of young coconut meat, tapioca starch, sugar and water.



Åhu, pronounced aw-who, is a dessert soup made with water, sugar, young coconut meat and tapioca starch. When cooking ȧhu, do not over-boil the soup or it will lose its thickness. Do not cover the pot until it comes to room temperature or it will become runny. As the ȧhu cools, it will continue to thicken.

from a fan:  "The ahu turned out great! yuuum!"

Young coconut meat is found inside a young, green coconut, commonly referred to as mȧnha (mon-ha); locals call the brown, mature coconut niyok (knee-dzuk).

The younger the mȧnha, the softer or more gel-like consistency of the meat. As the mȧnha matures, it becomes thicker though not quite the texture of mature coconut; this is generally what you get when you buy young coconut meat in a can. No, mature coconut is not used to make ȧhu.

Sugar is caramelized or brown sugar is used to make the brown ȧhu; a caramel-like tasting ȧhu. Here's the link to the caramelized sugar åhu.


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