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The Kracked Egg Restaurant Review
...great food and beach style environment in the heart of Tumon, Guam's hotel row.




My numero uno place to relax and eat was at The Kracked Egg in Tumon. I'm not sure if it was the early-morning-hour open sign, white-on-concrete decor, friendly staff, eggcellent drip coffee, delicious food or the coconut-tree view, but I LOVED THIS PLACE! I felt right at home which I think was because of the concrete -- go figure -- I grew up with my dad working on our concrete house. The Kracked Egg was the perfect pitstop after a walking session -- and it's not too far a drive from Yigo.

Just a plain cup of coffee right? Well, on this particular day in December 2013, it was the ultimate cup of drip coffee. I don't know who made it or what type of coffee they used, but it had free refills and was really the best cup of regular coffee I ever had. The second time I ate there it was a bit different, but still delish. Price: $2.50.

chorizos pakpak kracked egg image

My first meal was the chorizos pak pak with eggs, toast and rice. My sister-in-law and I shared because that's how you keep from gaining weight on vacation -- exercise first then eat only half of your food! I don't think you can find the old types of chorizos pak pak on Guam anymore -- the monster thick ones. But given this situation, I totally enjoyed my meal! Price: $10.95.

 red velvet pancake guam image 

The second time around I ordered the velvet cake pancake meal and OMG it was scrumptious. I've never had velvet cake pancakes and if you haven't tried them either, it's a must! I started to eat the hot cakes without the cream cheese topping, but that's a no go. You've got to eat the topping too for the full effect of the meal. Price: $12.50. Service fee is 10% of the bill.



I loved sitting by the windows -- something you have to take advantage of when on Guam. One of the great things about Guam in December is that it is generally cool, breezey and oh so green. I've never seen so many coconut trees and such lush foilage -- or could it be that I just left NC where all the leaves had fallen and most of the jungles were brown?



The Kracked Egg is in the same building as Burger King, but at the opposite end. It's also across the Tumon Sands Plaza and not too long a walk from the parking spaces behind Duty Free. 

Telephone 671-648-0881

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