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Chamorro Flour Titiyas
...thick, soft and made with coconut milk or whole milk.
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Titiyas is popular at many Guam parties whether it's made with masa harina, all-purpose flour or young coconut. Soft titiyas is the result of less kneading and plenty of fat, usually butter though oil is sometimes included. Firm titiyas is made by kneading the dough quite a bit and using less fat relative to flour.

The flour titiyas recipe in A Taste of Guam yields six discs of titiyas, averaging 6.5 inches in diameter. Remember to add the milk slowly. My recipe uses whole milk though sometimes I use coconut milk when I forget to buy whole milk.  I have found that I need less whole milk compared to coconut milk in this recipe.

from a fan:  "Made my very first batch of Titiyas!.....had a big smile on his face as he slathered the butter on the warm, sweet, flat bread. He said it tasted like he remembered. I'm sure they were no where near how good his Nana made them, but i think this white girl did good!"

"Paula, I have tried a few recipes for flour titiyas and I have to say, yours is the BEST! Hands down!

                                                                                              Fan photos by K.S. and D.Q.



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