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Chamorro Bonelos Aga
...a soft, flavorful banana doughnut.
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(bo-nye-los a-ga)

Guam bonelos aga or Guam banana doughnuts are so comforting. There is nothing more simple than mixing overripe bananas with sugar, a hint of vanilla, baking powder and flour. Of course, however how much flour you add determines your end result. Bonelos aga with too much flour come out hard, but not enough flour and you have an oily goo. Paula's tested bonelos aga recipe produces a delish morsel which is still soft the next day. 

Be sure your oil is hot, heating up about medium heat. When you put your first batch in, it may brown quickly. Lower the heat just a little bit. If you lower your heat too much, as you cook the rest of your batter, the doughnuts will not fry properly.


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