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Chamorro Bonelos Dagu
...Guam yam doughnuts with a sweet syrup.
chamorro bunelos dago recipe image



(bo-nye-lus daw-goo)




This is a yam doughnut, but not the orange yams you find near the sweet potatoes in the states. Dagu is scientifically referred to as dioscorea alata, of which come in several varieties and colors: white, purple and I believe red. The correct spelling for dagu in the Chamorro-English dictionary is "dagu."

Stateside, Japanese white yams are available at your local Asian grocer.

The skin of the different dagu have oxalate crystals that make human skin itch. My solution is to take a gallon freezer bag around your hands to skin the dagu. I mix the peeled dagu with bare hands, leaving me just a tiny bit itchy, nothing to fret about. I did some research and found you may soak the dagu in a solution of vinegar and water to help neutralize the crystals; try soaking it for 10 minutes. I wouldn't make it a very strong vinegar solution or soak longer than 10 minutes or you may end up tasting the vinegar. Still, you should use protection when skinning.


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