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Guam Sushi
...sushi on Guam is just different with daigo, sweet eggs, and of course Spam.


Sushi is widely available on Guam with a high population of Japanese residents and visitors. Guam sushi must always have daigo and spam; daigo is the pickled yellow daikon radish. Many mom and pop stores sell sushi rolls, wrapped for you to take on the go.

Once you put sushi in the fridge, well, not so yummy the next day; it is palatable, but the rice starts to harden. No, reheating it in the microwave is not acceptable because everything gets hot. One day not too long ago, I put leftover sushi rolls in a lunch bag fitted with an ice-pack; I did this because even after 12 hours of having packed my husband's lunch bag, the ice-pack was still very cold. It worked like a charm! Mind you , there is no raw fish or shrimp in my sushi. The sushi was chilled without being too cold and the rice was still soft. 


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